About Us

2 GO slide 1Yesterday: A Brief History

In September of 2000, the vision of Horn of Africa Mission started in San Jose, California. The ministry started as a small missions department of a newly started Ethiopian church named Medhanealem Church of San Jose, California. The church was born with “Missions” at the core of its DNA and the call was to reach the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea with the gospel.

In early 2002, the vision became an independent ministry. The ministry became a registered non-profit organization with a Board of Directors. Many individuals and churches became partners at this time and developed a vision of “planting 10,000 churches by 2010”. Our mission field started to grow and included not only the countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia, but Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Tanzania.

The Horn of Africa Mission soon became a catalytic force behind launching thousands of new churches in the most difficult regions on earth!  A church planting movement exploded across these nations that produced over 10,000 viable, reproducible and culturally relevant  churches! Approximately 300,000 people, many never before engaged, or reached, received the good news of Jesus Christ, hope, and a future!

Vision-2020Today: Vision 2020!

Today, while we continue all of our other ministry assignments, we are intentionally focusing on finishing the task in Ethiopia through Vision 2020! It is our hope to reach the remaining 25 unreached people groups by the end of 2020.

We are currently conducting research about the remaining unreached. We are also training new CPs to enable Christ honoring and culture affirming churches and to raise new leaders to nurture these churches. No single organization can accomplish a task this big by itself. Knowing the magnitude of the task, we are working closely with our 96 partners in Ethiopia.


  • Horn of Africa in existence in Ethiopia since 2002
  • We have 198 national church planters reaching the unreached
  • We have 96 partners in Ethiopia whom we support, train and coach
  • We work in more than 40 people groups in Ethiopia alone
  • More than 7,000 churches have been planted in Ethiopia alone
  • More than 200,000 people have come to know and love Jesus Christ