Dear Friends of Horn of Africa,

This summer we are taking time to thank and pray for our partners—you! We are grateful for your prayers, financial investments and encouraging words. We are praying for you and your loved ones to experience God deeply, live in His presence all of your days and be fruitful in whatever assignment God gave you to accomplish on planet earth.

When I think of what God has given us to do, together with you, I feel the weight and I thank God for counting us faithful for this work. Together we are doing something that matters 1,000 years from now and for eternity. We are laboring together to take the gospel to people who have little or no access to it, and we are witnessing a great number of people coming to faith in Christ from many of these unreached people groups.

Our Vision 2020, a laser sharp focus of reaching the remaining 25 unreached people groups of Ethiopia by 2020 is going very well. More than 3,150 simple churches have been planted so far among these 25 unreached people groups. We are witnessing a great momentum in many of these unreached people groups and we are praying for a breakthrough in a few of these unreached people groups.

Your financial investment has enabled us to support almost 300 church planters. These are our heroes who are willing to pay any sacrifice to take the gospel to these unreached people groups. “F” is one of our church planters in Eastern part of Ethiopia among one of the 25 unreached people groups. Her husband left her because of her faith, a radically motivated person tried to kill her, and she suffered a head injury but continues faithfully sharing the gospel and many have come to faith in Christ in her faithful ministry. “F” is doing something that matters 1,000 years from now and for eternity!

Like “F” and many of you, we have people who want to do something that matter 1,000 years from now and for eternity. We would like to introduce to you our newest volunteers.

Roy and Vivian Madding have been married for 28 years and have 5 children and 12 grandchildren. Between the two of them they have worked for 77 years, both working with children. Both of them are now retired, Roy for 8 years and Vivian for almost 3 months (and she is loving every second of it). They are alumni of the Perspectives course and have hearts both for local and international missions. They have attended and served at The Word Community Church in Fresno, CA for the last 11 years. They will help us in administration and praying for our church planters and our supporters.


Michael Terpening, CPA, CGMA, has been helping business and individual clients with financial and tax needs for more than 30 years. His passion for philanthropy has led him to share his gifts through volunteering and serving with multiple local and national organizations helping them with fundraising and other tax and financial needs. Michael also has a love for the culinary arts and owns his own catering business, frequently donating his delicious meals to charitable causes.

He loves spending time with his wife Deanna of 28 years, his two adult children, and enjoys life as a grandfather to two with one on the way! He will help us in accounting and tax matters.

Starting this month we have increased the financial support of our church planters by at least 25% in order to help their struggles. We invite you to invest your time, talent and treasures with Horn of Africa to win people from unreached people groups for Christ our Lord. May we join hands to do this work that matters 1,000 years from now and for eternity and may Jesus receive praise and worship from all people now and for eternity.

Until ALL Hear about JESUS,

Markos Zemede, M.D.
President, Horn of Africa (USA)