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Situated in northeast Africa on the Gulf of Aden and the Mandeb. It is a semi desert with scattered plateaus and highlands. The population being 902,000, it constitutes of 10 known people groups and 9 total languages. When it comes to religion, Islam is the major religion with 97.3% of the population adhering to it. 1.7% Christian and about 1% are non-religious.




Is situated in North East Africa. The North East and East of the country have an extensive coast line on the Red Sea. The Dahlak Archipelago and several of the Hanish islands are part of Eritrea. The country is virtually bisected by one of the world’s longest mountain ranges, the Great Rift Valley, with fertile lands to the west and desert in the East. The population is about 4,906,585, and constitutes of 16 known languages and 17 people groups. When it comes to religion, the percentage is 48% Muslim, and 47.4% Christian (Coptic orthodox, Catholic and evangelicals).



This 2nd most populous country in Africa, with a population of 84,313,000, has 109 people groups and 95 known languages. Located in East Central Africa, Ethiopia has several high mountains, the highest being Ras Dashen at 15,158ft. The Blue Nile or Abbai rises in the North West and flows in a great semicircle before entering the Sudan. The Great Rift Valley is also marked by a chain of seven lakes. Being one of the oldest nations in the world, the main religion is Christianity with 48% being Coptic orthodox, 15% evangelical, and about 1.2% Catholic. 33.5% of the population adheres to Islam and ethnic religions constitute of about 5.2%.



Located in east Africa, it occupies the tip of a region commonly referred as the Horn of Africa. This Semi Arid country has the 2nd largest coastal stretch in the continent, measuring about 3,025 kilometers. The two main rivers that water the country are Juba and Shebelle. Both of them flow into the Indian Ocean. The population being 9,656,000, 99.6% is Islam, and 0.3% is Christian.